Key Light Forum ™


In light of TSE’s mission to celebrate the voices of our authors, we initiated the Key Light Forum ™ to expand the spotlight to TSE visionaries across all creative talents and experience levels, and to share each individual’s unique journey from minute concept to marketable product.

The Key Light Forum ™ will feature interviews and product galleries from first-time or up-and-coming authors, illustrators, photographers, film makers, graphic artists, and anyone else interested in formulating a particular brand of expression in print.

TSE strives to discover and polish the so-called “rough diamonds,” and takes great pride in finding ways to amplify their natural beauty without changing their character. We recognize the amazing talents of our clients in any art form, and we offer clarity and direction, not a chisel and a hammer.

The Key Light Forum ™ will serve as our way of evidencing the innate creativity, inspiration, and perseverance from our “client-artists,” and we invite you along each of their journeys as you may one day start your own.