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FAQS Logistics

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1. What day of the week must I need to approve the advanced copies in order to catch the immediate sailing date of the following week?

By 3pm, every Tuesday.

2. What is a typical sailing date for a LCL or a FCL shipment?

LCL – every Monday
FCL – every Sunday

3. What happens if I miss the cut off time stated under item#1?

The shipment will be delayed by at least one week.

4. What options do I have if the advanced copy is delayed for my approval to export?

You can email us to waive the approval of the advanced copy but approve the export so the same sailing date can be kept. This waiver must be received by 3pm, every Tuesday.

5. What is the “cut-off time” for a LCL or a FCL shipment at the port of origin?

LCL-Approx. 6 days
FCL-Approx. 4 days

6. What is a “cut-off time” stated under Item#3?

The cut-off time is the last day a trucker in Hong Kong or China can deliver the shipment (Cargo) to the terminal at the port of the origin in order to meet the next and available sailing date.

7. How is each order shipped from the port in HK-China to the port in Los Angeles, CA USA?

By ocean on a Cargo Vessel.

8. How long does it take for the order to ship from HK-China to the port in Los Angeles, CA by ocean?

LCL and FCL shipments: Approx.13-14 days.

9. What other countries can TSE Worldwide Press handle in terms of the logistics?

(Central America) San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic;
(South America) Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Chile;
England; France; Italy; Germany; Israel; Japan and many more…

10. What is the transit time to ship to each of the countries listed under Item#9?

You can email your questions to logistics@TseWorldwidePress.com.

11. How long does Customs Clearance take in the US or at the port of discharge?

Approximate 3-4 days for Customs Clearance and release assuming no hold-up due to customs examination or screening.

12. Can I remove some cartons from the shipment (inside a cargo container) while it is in transit from the port of Origin to the port of Discharge (final destination)?

No. Once the shipment has been placed inside the container and on board, no goods can be removed until the container arrives at the destination and is moved to a CFS station warehouse (or a delivery warehouse) after being released by Customs.

13. Can the customer pick up the shipment the same day it arrives at the port of the final destination?

No. This is because there are still a few procedures that need to be followed before the shipment is released for pick-up or delivery.– The Customs at the final destination needs to authorize the “Release” of the shipment after Customs clearance– Container has to be discharged from the vessel

– Container will be “devanned” (The goods inside the containers need to be separated according to the packing list on each of the Bill of Ladings). This applies to LCL shipments only

– Goods will be moved to a CFS Station (Consolidated Freight Station) or the customer’s final delivery address

14. What are some of the items that I should check immediately upon receipt of the goods?

Dented cartons
Open cartons
Broken Pallets

15. What is the claim process if damages are discovered after receipt of the goods?

First, you must make a note on the Delivery Order that damages are found on the goods at the time of the delivery. You must also need to write down the amount of shortage if there is any. Then, notify the US representative by phone or via email immediately. Take some photos and email them to logistics@TseWorldwidePress.com. Customer has up to 3 working days to file a claim with the US representative upon receipt of the goods based on the delivery terms. TSE will not be responsible for any damages caused by the third party during transit. The third party includes but is not limited to the trucker or freight forwarder assigned by the customer.

16. How long does it take to get a response for a claim?

It takes a minimum of 15 days to receive any feedback regarding a claim.

17. What are some other situations that may hold-up the delivery of an order?

Unexpected Customs hold-up such as Customs examination and screening at the port of origins or (and) port of the destination
Congestion/traffic at the ports on both ends during the peak seasons or major holidays
Delay of the final payment or clearance of the fund
Delay in approving the advanced copies
Any circumstances that are outside the control of TSE such as natural disasters or labor strikes

18. What is the “Last Free Day”?

This is the last day the goods (cargo) or a cargo container can be left at the CFS station or ramp for storage without a penalty or extra fees incurring.

19. What are some other common logistics costs?

Storage fees, the goods will be held for storage if the final payment is not settled as per the endorsed contract. Customer must need to settle this extra fee before the goods are released or delivered
Lift-gate/pallet jack, used at a residence or a business without a loading dock
Inside delivery

20. What is global printing analysis?

TSE Worldwide Press operates multiple printing facilities in Asia and North America. TSE can arrange a printing project to be processed at a location that yields the maximum cost and time efficiency depending on the final destination. Each printing facility follows the same standard in its quality control and consumer safety compliance.