Empowering Authors, Publishing Dreams

TSE prides itself in taking the mystery out of manufacturing. We want our authors to focus on the content while we concentrate on assembly - in this way, our service is comparable to an artist making their painting while we build the frame for it. 


The journey from concept to finished product seems to be a difficult process for many first-time authors. TSE has gone to great lengths to dispel this misconception, giving authors the creative license to not simply “Think Big,” but rather to “THINK BIGGER!”


Our desire, at its core, is to encourage creative people to actualize their dreams and preserve those dreams in printed form. We often need to be reminded of how much we love reading, and how much we enjoy holding a physical book in our hands. Our lives move so fast, but only up until the point that we sit down, take a breath, and open a book. 

We take a GOOD IDEA today and make it a MASTERPIECE tomorrow


Founded in 2004, TSE Worldwide Press embraces its mission to celebrate the voices of self-publishing authors, bringing their vision into focus and into reality on any medium. TSE Worldwide Press provides each self-publisher with the highest caliber of service in printing and binding, and works closely with its authors, helping to actualize each specific vision. We strive to balance creativity and commerce in a way that features our clients’ work in the best light possible. 


Our vision at TSE Worldwide Press is to create a fast-track for our self-publishers to grow professionally and be discovered. We do not cut any corners or take common routes, but rather employ our experienced TSE team, which is proactive rather than reactive, knowledgeable in leveraging the latest industry advancements, and determined to not settle for anything less than the customer’s ideal, from beginning to end. Planning proactively and extensively, our team only needs to execute a project once, because we make sure to do it right the first time. This has always been our team’s approach, and we continually apply it to our vision of marketing our authors and changing their professional lives. 



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