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The Concept for Our Company Began Out of a Desire to Elevate Others 

Our vision to identify and fulfill the dreams of independent publishers began in the mind of Sarah Y. Tse, our co-founder and CEO. A love for books, a skillful ability to problem solve, and a burning passion to help others realize their dream motivated her to start this new adventure. After nearly two decades of experience in graphic design, prepress, and offset-printing, Sarah created this company from the ground up. Her years of working in advertising and graphic design increased her desire to help self-publishers. While the process is intensive, Sarah enjoys serving her clients, building relationships with them, and fulfilling  their dreams, all the way from concept to product. In 2002, she joined a partnership to begin a publishing division, and she created a specific department devoted to self-publication. However, the partnership dissolved by 2004, and Sarah sold her share of the company. Leaving everything behind except 9 boxes of book samples with which to start over, she enlisted the help of her family to begin TSE Worldwide Press! In those first three years, Sarah took charge of sales, and her siblings led manufacturing        operations. Her father carefully mentored her during this time, as she wisely developed the business into a multi-million-dollar company by the end of its third year. This played a significant part in laying an unshakeable foundation for the upcoming, seven-year, nonstop adversity that shook the company to its core (Sarah discusses this in her memoir, 7 Years on the Front Line).  Never slowing down or compromising their standards for the quality of their product, TSE produced innovative and amazing work, even when funds were short. Now, with this dark season of life behind them, TSE continues their mission to produce your dream project with strength, unwavering resolve, and a high standard of precision and excellence. 

We Hold Ourselves to a High Standard of Innovation and Integrity

Our primary purpose as a company is to be the leading producer of innovative book projects using high-quality offset-printing processes. In particular, we specialize in complex projects which require precise accuracy in details and color-matching. In everything we do, the principal value of our company in both product and staffing is integrity. Starting at “home,” we apply honest business practices with all our clients, as well as conscientious, thorough recruitment processes when hiring staff.  Likewise, we refuse to take shortcuts or use cheap materials in our production process, particularly because we refuse to compromise the integrity of our product. Clients choose us because they know they will receive ethical treatment and high-quality results. If a problem occurs with the artwork of your project, or something happens to a file which you have provided us that could compromise the final product, we will immediately notify you. Our goal is to provide a solution which will resolve the issue and make it better than before, even if the issue is so small that you may not have noticed it. As professionals, we are trained to see the smallest details – we are not merely looking to make money. Truly, we are fully committed to the quality of your final product. Embracing our strengths, we apply innovation and precision to trying new, creative ideas with our clients. No idea is too fanciful for us.

As a New Client, You Will Receive Valuable Benefits  

In the history of this company, there has never been a more opportune time to partner with us. TSE Worldwide Press is already prepared to serve you and your dream project with our innovative, precise craftmanship. Our website details the varying services we currently provide, while our portfolio continues to expand. Each equipped with a unique set of skills, our staff members will serve you with excellent attention, with Sarah Y. Tse training and mentoring them as her father mentored her. In this way, we continually grow in our capability to meet the increasing demands of our new clientele. Additionally, in response to the ever-shifting social climate, we are expanding our services to provide online classes, where we’ll teach attendees how to self-publish. Webinar and online training workshops will be made available to those at home, with this opportunity allowing  attendees to share ideas with other self-publishers, ask questions, and gain answers without compromising their health. Come alongside and partner with us, and together we will explore exciting possibilities, both within our company and in your own  future.    

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