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Sarah Y. Tse received her M.A. in Business Administration from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and her B.A. in Art from Biola University. She co-founded TSE Worldwide Press, Inc. with her late father in 2004 and established her second company, United Yearbook Printing, in 2008. Sarah takes pleasure in mentoring and teaching others the art of self-publishing, especially those who are first-time authors, teenagers, or community leaders such as police officers, school administrators, and teachers. Above all else, Sarah is passionate about empowering people to recognize and activate the God-given potential which resides in each of us. Sarah’s motto is “You can do it!”

7 Years on the Front Line

by Sarah Y. Tse, an Award-Winning Author

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In March 2020, Sarah released her memoir, 7 Years on the Front Line, in which she shares valuable business lessons and life stories in the hope of inspiring others. Her title has received multiple awards since its debut. 

5 Lessons on Leading with Innovation

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