Sarah Y. Tse received her M.A. in Business Administration from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and her B.A. in Art from Biola University. She co-founded TSE Worldwide Press, Inc. with her late father in 2004 and established her second company, United Yearbook Printing, in 2008. Sarah takes pleasure in mentoring and teaching others the art of self-publishing, especially those who are first-time authors, teenagers, or community leaders such as police officers, school administrators, and teachers. Above all else, Sarah is passionate about empowering people to recognize and activate the God-given potential which resides in each of us. Sarah’s motto is “You can do it!”

7 Years on the Fron Line

by Sarah Y. Tse, an Award-Winning Author

In a time of global uncertainty, personal loss, and miscommunication, we need hope, direction, and strength now more than ever. Sarah Y. Tse’s new book,

7 Years on the Front Line, reminds us of how trials and adversity, although unavoidable and difficult, can be overcome and, in the process, can build strength of character. Released March 23, 2020 by TSE Worldwide Press, Sarah outlines her own professional journey, ranging from severe business setbacks and personal attacks on her character to the deep lessons learned from her experiences.


Using nearly a decade’s worth of practical knowledge, Sarah explains the challenges she faces daily as a female, an immigrant, and a minority who operates her own business. Overcoming these obstacles with resilience, she details her personal losses and business setbacks, illustrating how she emerged on the other side a stronger and wiser person. More importantly, she explains how you can too! Her concise, genuine writing makes readers feel understood, as if they are standing in her shoes. Facing her own trials with dignified grace and integrity, Sarah demonstrates how you can do the same in your own personal  circumstances, whether you are within the business field or not. An easy read for all types of readers, most customers report finishing the book within a few days because of its gripping narrative. These raw and honest lessons cannot be found in a textbook! 

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