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Written by Donna Lander | 2016


A Relationship unlocks the mystery behind how to battle and gain victory in spiritual warfare. The relationship between God and His most beloved creation, mankind, is the focused intention, according to Pastor William F. Dancy, Jr., author of Spiritual Warfare, The Handbook Part 1. He states, “It still remains the most important truth I can give you in regard to this thing called spiritual warfare…the most important in surviving spiritual warfare. The more I get to know about the enemy, the more I want and need to know about my God. So, the closer I get to God the better off I am.” In the beginning, God creates man and breathes His life into his body. This begins a love relationship that humans cannot understand or comprehend in its fullness this side of heaven. William Dancy painstakingly lays the foundation for his book with this foundational truth.

Pastor Dancy’s love relationship begins with his new life in Christ, a life altering event, which leads him to a deep search of the Word of God, the original handbook. In this relationship, God reveals truths of how to be prepared and equipped to face attacks from satan and his legions. “For the first time I wanted to know God and to know Him better than I had known anybody or anything else in my life.” Pastor Dancy exhorts his readers to read The Book and know it inside and out. If you know the Book, you know the Author of the Book, for it is the writings of a private journal expressing the love relationship God has with man…..His Words breathed into the mind of man, out of the mouths of man, and written by the hands of man.

There isn’t a secret formula, quick fix or recipe to “fight” the devil. The equipment, the wisdom, and understanding comes from what the Holy Spirit speaks into the soul and what the Father has inspired his people to write in The Book, the Bible. This is how Pastor Bill learns the nuggets of truth and arrows of war that he shares with the Christian community in Spiritual Warfare, The Handbook Part 1. As God speaks, William stops whatever he is doing, listens and writes down what He says. “I believe it is very important to write down what God is saying to you. It provides a record for you to review, rehearse, and remind yourself what, ‘thus saith the Lord,’ because we easily forget.” The handbook is replete with the words God reveals to him including these power punches: “Know your God, Know your enemy, Know your battlefield! Speak the Word out loud!” He exhorts his readers to wait and be still, listen intently, obey, and be prepared! He provides eye opening insights and practical applications for understanding the limits of satan’s reach, how to recognize satan’s deceitful tactics, and what to do when faced with temptations and outright attacks.

This handbook did not come about quickly. In fact, the process is many years in the making. Pastor Bill teaches a class on spiritual warfare in his home church fellowship and has had this joy for fifteen years. In addition, he presents his material at conferences and other speaking engagements. His class members, conference attendees, friends continually request a book of his material, and as the years pass by this request inevitably seems insurmountable and overwhelming. Until he is surprised to discover a class member faithfully records his material each week, and all he needs to do is transcribe the notes. For you see, Bill’s preparation for class and teaching rely on waiting on the Holy Spirit, reading and re-reading His Word until God speaks. He looks at scripture passages waiting attentively to where God will direct him and what he will speak. No class is ever the same. He cannot repeat what he says, for his material is a one time delivery to a one time audience. It is not that the material is necessarily changed, for the basic truths remain true. However, because it is spoken to a different group of people, God delivers His message and adapts it relevant to each audience. The question then becomes, how can he take these recordings and make a beautiful written melody sharp enough to cut through Satan’s defenses? This requires deep focus and a full two years of transcribing for Pastor Dancy, who then writes the material to produce the present book.

“I didn’t know I am a writer,” states Bill. As he begins the journey to print this handbook, he realizes the most enjoyable part of the process takes place when he sees his words placed on a blank computer screen, paper, whiteboard, or notebook. God puts the words on paper, and so much begins to spill out of Pastor Dancy that he quickly produces 3 parts to this handbook, plus two more books which are still in process, Are You Listening and Which Jesus?. William admits his biggest obstacle is believing in his mind that this can be accomplished: a) how can I do this? b) how will I finance the projects? and c) who will print them? There are no obstacles with God, for nothing is ever too difficult for God, The Provider!

God provides through the loving actions of friends, family members, co-workers, strangers…Love makes it happen….people loving him and giving him love offerings to pay for the printing. After contacting a large publishing company and discussing a book deal, he realizes he would not be in control of his books. This is not what he desires, and he soon begins looking for a self-publishing company that would allow him to keep and control his content, and master his publishing needs. Bill explores several other reputable options which at first seem to produce promising results. However, God closes the doors on these through machine failure and differences of professional opinion. God redirects in His marvelous way by bringing Pastor Dancy to a men’s group where he “happens” to meet a visitor who works for Sarah Tse, owner of self-publishing and printing company, TSE Worldwide Press. Even though Sarah is supposed to be “out of town,” she answers the phone the day he calls and the rest is history. Fifteen years in the process, there is pure joy as he holds his first printed copies in his hands. Reflecting on this moment, he says “I would have asked God to lead me to Sarah and TSE sooner…”

Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to come as “God revealed” insights continue to pour out of his soul in the continuation of Spiritual Warfare, The Handbook Parts 2 and 3. Pastor Dancy encourages and exhorts his readers to live life in obedience to God and apply the truths of God’s Word. The relationship between God and man is the key to winning the battle against satan and his cohorts.

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